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Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities


Your ideas brought to life: at Advatek, we make the seemingly impossible a reality.

By maintaining a strong team of manufacturing experts and using the latest CNC machinery, we are confident we can manufacture any custom part, regardless of the scale or scope of the request. With experience in high-precision micro parts specifically within the medical field, Advatek has consistently met requirements and delivered results with the highest customer satisfaction.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility produces components from your 3D CAD Model files or from our in-house state–of–the–art programming software.

Our Process

Step 1: Review customer supplies 3D CAD Models

Step 2: Determine the best machinery for output, including machining capabilities of up to 40,000 rpm

Step 3: Utilize our electronic and mechanical assemblies to manufacture your parts

Step 4: Perform custom finishing coatings by our highly specialized subcontractors including gold, silver, copper, nickel anodizing or phosphate finishing just to name a few

Step 5: Conduct quality inspections at every stage of the processes.