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Who We Are

Who We Are


Advatek started with a desire to be a world-class leader in CNC machined component manufacturing. We focus on providing our clients with quality, high-precision parts to ensure safety and security across multiple industries. Based in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia, Advatek has delivered components in areas such as medical, telecommunications, aerospace, and more.

As we’ve grown, our team of industry experts has stayed committed to the same level of passion and vision since our launch 25 years ago. With many familiar faces at Advatek spanning decades, our team is synchronized, efficient, communicative, focused on quality, and ready to deliver. We are constantly progressing and modernizing by developing our team’s skills in advanced manufacturing. It’s not just what we deliver, but how we deliver – it is equally important to us to provide high-quality parts as it is to provide a reliable customer service.

Core Principles

With a company goal to utilize only the best and latest CNC machine technology, Advatek prides itself on building a team of experts committed to the following principles that shape our work:

  • To be world-class leaders in CNC-machining 
  • To deliver 100% on-schedule and maintain the highest level of efficiency
  • To offer industry-leading production facilities and top-end manufacturing equipment
  • To provide prompt, reliable, and friendly customer service

Advatek is not just a CNC component manufacturer—we are a solutions provider! We can provide services at short notice as our machine centres run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Since launching in 1995, Advatek has been dedicated to manufacturing high-end CNC machined components with a focus on top quality, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery.

Based in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia, our facility has grown to include a main 600 sqm factory operating 24 hours a day as well as various outsourcing posts. As our operations continue to grow, we ensure our equipment and machines are of the top tier in performance and precision.